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To win the future, innovate and achieve his dream, Yusen always adheres to the professional development strategy, seek truth, pragmatic, open up and innovate, and strive to be a dealer's recognition, consumer trust, and satisfactory garden tool manufacturing enterprise! Strive hard to send the humanized Yusen Brilliant products to every garden of the world! After years of development, we already have many franchisees all over the world. Below is our franchisee physical store, which shows our strength. Welcome to join us in Yusen's family.


Join Policy

Preparatory Support: The company will provide a valuable store evaluation to the franchisee, including the market feasibility assessment of the early store opening opening of investment budgets, profit returns, and selection evaluation to reduce investment risks;
Decoration Support Starting from the site selection, the company will give professional guidance and help from global to details from the overall situation from the overall situation from the overall situation to the details.
Training Support: The company will provide franchisees and employees with professional product knowledge, display skills, and various training tasks of specialty store management. During the opening period and post -management Essence
Marketing Support The company combines the local consumption truth and the sales of the store to plan the marketing plan for the whole year, including different seasons such as opening, festivals, and seasons, and two large -scale promotions such as spring and autumn;
Advertising Support The company will regulate brand promotion advertisements on a regular basis nationwide to increase brand awareness and reputation;
Logistics Support The company will provide customers with the most suitable logistics distribution method, and provide the most effective guarantee for franchisees' goods and arrival on time;
Join Process
  • 1.Preliminary negotiation
  • 2.Application
  • 3.Negotiate
  • 4.Store
  • 5.Training
  • 6.Trial operation

Become an Authorised Yusen Dealer

Servicing dealers are the cornerstone of our business. Yusen is committed to building a network of authorised servicing dealers that offer a clear advantage over other retail outlets by providing personal, professional advice and after sales support to our customers. We consistently market the premium quality of the Yusen brand together with the servicing dealer advantage – after all, you cannot have one without the other.We sincerely invite you to join us to create a bright future together and realize your goals!

The Yusen Advantage

Strong Brand – With over 18 years of engineering experience, Yusen is one of the strongest global brands on the market. The brand stands for technical leadership, high performance and quality.

Global Distribution Network – Yusen has a powerful global distribution network and we are committed to continuously improving support and service to our dealer network.

Broad Product Offering – Yusen offers a diverse line of outdoor power equipment to meet the needs of both domestic and commercial users.

Efficient Supply Chain – Yusen has a well-developed production system with flexibility to handle seasonal and weather-related variations in demand.

If you’re looking for a partner you can rely on, then contact us for information on becoming a part of the Yusen Dealer Network.