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Yusen has a blue efficient travel distance

Time:2024-01-08 00:00:00

Developing high-performance and durable garden tools for a wide range of users has always been the driving force behind Johnson's progress.

For many years, the Johnson chainsaw has won a good reputation in the market with its excellent performance, but in the eyes of picky Johnson engineers, they believe there is still a lot of room for upgrade. For this, engineers spent a lot of time and effort designing and validating new solutions, and after several years of dedicated research and testing, launched the Yusen Blue Professional chainsaws 231 and 281 in 2023.

231 and 281 have undergone deep optimization and innovation in core components such as the crankshaft, high-pressure cylinder, piston, and cylinder. Compared with the same displacement of the Johnson butter saw (45CC and 54.6CC), their service life has been increased by 100%, reaching 600 hours, with a power increase of over 20% and a fuel consumption reduction of over 20%.

The Yusen Blue professional chainsaw has outstanding performance, is both fuel-efficient and efficient, and is a capable assistant for logging operations. Breaking through all difficulties with just one saw, they will remain consistent in difficult cutting tasks, providing you with stable and efficient power output.

In China, there is a group of ordinary sawmen who work at sunrise and rest at sunset every day. A chainsaw is their livelihood tool. Thick shoulders not only carry trees, but also a beautiful life. These ordinary and great sawhands showcase their power to the world with high-quality chainsaws and professional movements!

We will continue to improve, strive for excellence, and provide customers with more professional products.