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Over the years, through exchanges and cooperation with domestic universities and research institutions, we are keeping up with the latest trend of science and technology and tackling technical difficulties. Tachometer is a patented product and is the world's first in the garden machinery industry. The technology of heat engine is easy to start, patent products and audit new products. The problem of engine heat engine startup is solved at the earliest and the most thoroughly. The development of 4216 solves the compatibility of fittings, the convenience of maintenance and the reliability of performance. The guide plate protection technology is the first creation in the industry. It prevents the guide plate from being retreated and is more convenient for users to use.

Intellectual Property Right

With more than 40 national patents, two technology won the provincial new product identification, one technology won the city scientific and technological progress three awards. The company is the national forestry and garden standard drafting unit, is responsible for drafting the national standards 5, participating in the drafting of national standards 14.

Industry Status

China's forestry and garden machinery industry standard drafting unit

China internal combustion engine industry association, member of small gasoline engine Association

Governing unit of Zhejiang small general gasoline engine Association

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    "Listening to customers' voice and sincere service to customers" is a constant pursuit of Yu Sen. In order to improve the quality of service continuously, we have set up a full-time department in charge of customer service since 2008, accept all kinds of complaints and suggestions, supervise the quality of customer service of each company, so as to achieve the value of customers, and cooperate with customers to win the service goal.

The company has always adhered to the quality concept of "the product is good product beyond the desired product". It has introduced 4 fully automatic production lines, 15 fully automatic injection molding machines, 14 mechanical hands, 1 sets of motor production equipment, 1 sets of cylinder production equipment and other domestic leading production equipment, including assembly workshop, injection shop, motor shop, The finishing workshop ensures the stability and reliability of product processing.

From the billet to the delivery, the injection workshop to the motor shop, and then to the assembly workshop, the process is determined by a flow scheme, and the management method of the next procedure in the production process is carried out, and the inspector is not regularly inspecting the workshop. At the same time, the design and production are strictly organized according to the national standards, and the international ISO standards are followed to ensure the reliable quality of each forest product.

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    State Two Emission Permits
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