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Yu Sen's 100 couplet tools [after sale maintenance]

Time:2017-10-24 00:00:00

Warranty clause:

The service provided during the warranty period is: one month repair service.

The repair service means that during the warranty period, the user will send the machine to the original purchase position or repair the repair shop authorized by the company, and the related expenses incurred by the user will be borne by the user.

1. from the date of purchase, the product can calculate the warranty time and use this product in the normal range. The user can enjoy the warranty service on the basis of this warranty policy, with the warranty card, the purchase invoice or the purchase receipt.

2. the warranty period of this product is one month from the date of purchase.

3. during the warranty period, the high pressure package and carburetor are warranty parts. Fragile parts such as starting rope wheel, piston, piston ring, cylinder, spark plug, fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, etc. are not covered by the warranty.

4. the following warranty is not guaranteed:

A. is not damaged by the use, maintenance and maintenance of the product instructions.

B. self repair or failure to repair, transform or decompose the company's maintenance station.

C. The sales date, product type, product serial number, invoice number, user name and distributor name are not recorded or altered on the warranty card.

The type or number of products recorded on the D. warranty card is not in conformity with the physical object.

E. failed to pull the cylinder due to the fuel / oil ratio required by the instructions.

F. caused damage by irresistible.