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Lithium Products YS42162
YS42162 Lithium Products

1. Fast charging, fully charged with a 4.0AH capacity battery pack in only 95 minutes;

2. 4.0AH large capacity high-performance battery cell, doubling the battery life;

Lithium Products YS42161
YS42161 Lithium Products

1. Adopting high-quality dual lithium batteries, doubling the battery life and making the operation more durable;

2. The saw chain speed reaches 19m/s, and the cutting ef

Lithium Products YS21081
YS21081 Lithium Products

1. Brushless outer rotor technology, ultra strong torque;

2. Light saw and strong repair, strong press without jamming the saw

3. Powerful motor with strong power

Brush Cutter BG4390
BG4390 Brush Cutter

1. Adopting an energy storage and easy to start structure, easy to start with one pull;

2. Multiple powerful engines for higher efficiency;

3. Good durability, pre

Brush Cutter BG4311
BG4311 Brush Cutter

1. Outstanding performance, energy saving and fuel saving;

2. Adopting an energy storage and easy to start structure, easy to start with one pull;

3. Good durabili

Petrol Chain Saw 2500S
2500S Petrol Chain Saw

1. Lightweight body, low fuel consumption, single handed operation;

2. Outstanding performance, easy to cut small trees;

3. Premium carburetor, st

Electric Chain Saws 8115
8115 Electric Chain Saws

1. Pure copper wire motor, excellent performance, stable and durable;

2. High quality chain, deep quenching, sharp cutting;

3. Cutting firewood and pruning

Gasoline Water Pump YSWZP40-140
YSWZP40-140 Gasoline Water Pump

1. Easy to start with energy storage, labor-saving spring, making a loud sound when pulled;

2. Lightweight, small in size, easy to carry with one hand;

3. Large fl

Gasoline Water Pump YSWZP50-170
YSWZP50-170 Gasoline Water Pump

1. Large flow rate, high lift, stable performance, and beautiful appearance;

2. Movement translation, small speed fluctuations, and long service life;

3. High qual

Yusen Boutique Extreme Introduction

Zhejiang Yusen Brilliant Tool Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. In 2009, the company was relocated by Shizhu Town, Yongkang City in the Chengxi Industrial Zone of Yongkang City, and was renamed "Zhejiang Yusen Brilliant Tool Co., Ltd.". The company was selected by the factory in 2011. The new factory is located at No. 118 Jiugui Road, Huajie Town, Yongkang City. The new plant was completed and put into production in October 2013. Focusing on production and development of high -quality home gardening tools, charging grass cutting machines, gasoline cutting machines, grass cutting machines, hedge scissors, gasoline saws, brand oil saws, garden oil saws, succulent old piles, experiential farms, own brands, Yusen brand.

The company has more than 20 gardening tool research and development teams, more than 40 quality control operators above the major and middle schools, more than 400 employees in front -line operations, and more than 70 gardening tools with independent intellectual property rights. There are assembly workshops, injection molding workshops, and motor workshops to meet the annual output demand.

Zhejiang Yusen Brilliant Tools Co., Ltd. is a member of the China Internal Combination Machinery Industry Association, a member of the small gasoline machine branch, a member of the Zhejiang Provincial Small GM Gasoline Machinery Association. It is also a forestry and garden machinery country, industry, and group standards. More than 30 are allowed, and more than 70 national patents are applied, including 7 invention patents and 4 international patents.

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