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When production is busy, fire prevention will not be forgotten

Time:2018-07-28 15:15:05

When production is busy, fire prevention will not be forgotten

2018 Zhejiang annual fire safety knowledge training and evacuation exercise

In order to improve the awareness of fire safety and improve the ability of fire prevention and control and contingency, in July 13th, Zhejiang Yu Sen Bailian Tool Co., Ltd. invited the professional fire safety training for all the staff to train a comprehensive fire knowledge training for all employees. At that time, the Fire Department of flower street and the leaders of Flower Street Union also took part in this activity.


Evacuation exercises are carried out in an orderly and tense manner according to the predetermined plan. At 15:30, the rehearsal was officially started. After hearing the instructions, the evacuation rehearsal officers were in place quickly. In the shortest time, in the workshop, the staircase and the safety exit, the staff was ordered to evacuate orderly from the designated route and evacuate all the people quickly and orderly to the safety zone (outside the company gate).

Director Huang gave the full affirmation of the results of the practice, praised the staff to listen to the command and action quickly, and asked everyone to further improve the sense of safety in production safety. At the same time, we also put forward new requirements for the work of strengthening the fire protection.


In order to enable the staff to master the use of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants, Mr. Zhao explained and demonstrated the use of fire extinguishers after the evacuation rehearsal. Hand hands instruct Ussen employees to use fire extinguishers and fire hydrants correctly and put out two ignition points made in advance with oil barrels. Let employees feel firsthand how to properly use fire equipment in the fire field, and further enhance the ability to prevent and control fires.


Subsequently, the staff organized all the staff in the canteen to carry out the training of fire safety knowledge. Mr. Zhao, from the tragic fire cases, made people deeply feel the ruthlessness of the fire, and instruct everyone to escape from the fire.


At the same time, we have also studied the methods of self rescue for all kinds of fire, and let each employee rewarm some of the fire prevention instruments, including the family fire prevention 4 pieces - small fire extinguishers, escape rope, flashlight, smoke mask. It may not be known by every employee before training, but after training, it is believed that people will know and master the necessary fire escape skills further. The fire-fighting knowledge of this lecture is very shallow, the case of reference is very thought-provoking, the staff also benefit a lot, the fire awareness has been further promoted, and the basic fire protection knowledge and fire extinguishing skills are further mastered.


Through the fire fighting knowledge training and fire drill activities, the staff have a further understanding of the fire safety knowledge, and also greatly enhance the awareness of fire prevention, the correct use of fire extinguishing equipment and fire equipment, and the ability to deal with emergencies is also greatly improved. Deep understanding of the vulnerability of life and the importance of preventing fire, make every employee know clearly that, whether in the unit or at home, we should prevent and keep the safety in the first place.

In the process of rehearsal, the concept of "all actions to listen to command" has been tested, and the collective sense of collective honor has been sublimated, and a new force has been injected into the busy and busy production work.