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Quality Support

Quality Control


1. Strict implementation of ISO9001: 2008 quality management system

2. Comprehensive implementation of 6S management

3. Each production unit strictly abides by standardized operations

4. The first inspection and sealing system

5. Perfect inspection processes and standards, including: materials inspection, process inspection, finished product inspection, have spare parts laboratory, durable laboratory, performance testing laboratory, and safety testing laboratory certified by German Rhein. Ensure that the finished product has always been expected, the loop is close to achieve a full inspection. In each inspection link, visual management; combined with the three inspections (self -inspection, mutual inspection, inspection) system; ensure that each process meets the standards.

Incoming Inspection


The inspection of the materials is called the external inspection team, strictly in accordance with the technical document standards and inspection specifications of garden machinery, complete the inspection of various types of materials, and complete the qualification and unqualified judgment of the inspection materials. At the same time The work direction is to change from passive inspection to active control, move quality control forward, discover quality problems at the forefront, reduce quality costs, achieve effective control, and help suppliers improve the level of internal quality control. The inspection inspection is the front end of the company's entire supply chain, and it is the first line of defense and gates of building the company's quality system. It is an important part of quality control, which effectively ensures smooth production.

Spare Laboratory


The company establishes a component laboratory. The main equipment includes comprehensive carburetor comprehensive flow testing table, high and low temperature test box, programmable salt fog test machine, air filter/muffler assembler assembly resistance test platform, flywheel digital magnetic flux tester, The spark plug ignition tester conducts performance detection of key components of the power configuration, strictly controls the quality of key components, and improves the quality and technological quality of the supplier of the components. Really provide technical guarantee for products from the source of technology.



Each link in the production process is strictly in accordance with the requirements of production technology and operation guidance. Yusen adheres to the principle of "three nos", that is, "do not create bad products, do not flow out of bad products, and does not accept bad products" to achieve zero defects of product quality.

Product Testing


Strictly follow the requirements of the factory to test the products. It mainly conducts comprehensive product quality inspection and verification from packaging, appearance, technology, structural size, material, function, performance, and reliability. The project is:

1. The appearance of the product is the representative of the corporate image.

2. Performance inspection For key performance such as: starting performance, idle speed, do not pant & running & running speed, high speed, return, combined speed, flip, hot machine start, pump oil, leakage, brake, saw cut, etc. Reliability test.

3. Simulate the customer's use environment if necessary to verify the actual operation.

The purpose of the inspection of the finished product is to prevent unqualified products from flowing into the hands of users, avoid losses to users, and make customers satisfied to protect the reputation of the company and fulfill the commitment of the company's customers first.