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1. Easy to start, fast and labor-saving;

2. Bamboo and wood dual-use, cutting bamboo without burrs;

3. Efficient cutting, energy and fuel saving, stable and durable;

4. Emergency braking only takes 0.12 seconds, effectively improving safety.

5. Stable operation with little shaking, and no numbness during prolonged use.

6. High strength aluminum alloy box: higher strength and better stability.

Engine typeTwo stroke single cylinder gasoline engine
Fuel tank capacity410ML
Oil tank capacity260ML
Ldling speed3000RPM±200
Guide plate size/pitch16 inch 57DL small 3/8
Product Details
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Products Recommended

  • Efficient lithium chainsaw
    YS42162 Efficient lithium chainsaw

    1. Fast charging, fully charged with a 4.0AH capacity battery pack in only 95 minutes;

    2. 4.0AH large capacity high-performance battery cell, doubling the battery life;

    3. Adopting an efficient brushless BL external rotor motor, the motor efficiency is greatly improved;

    4. Output torque increased by 30%, sawing large diameter trees smoothly without jamming;

    5. Adopting advanced electronic brakes, instantly stopping within 0.15 seconds, with full safety performance;

    6. Intelligent controller system, low speed startup saves electricity, and the load motor instantly maintains a constant speed.

  • Dual battery lithium chainsaw
    YS42161 Dual battery lithium chainsaw

    1. Adopting high-quality dual lithium batteries, doubling the battery life and making the operation more durable;

    2. The saw chain speed reaches 19m/s, and the cutting efficiency increases by 20%;

    3. Adopting advanced brushless BL outer rotor technology, the motor efficiency is significantly improved.

    4. Start switch, add dual switch electronic brake, triple protection;

    5. Intelligent controller system, low speed startup saves electricity, and the load motor instantly maintains a constant speed.

  • small lithium chainsaw
    YS21081 small lithium chainsaw

    1. Brushless outer rotor technology, ultra strong torque;

    2. Light saw and strong repair, strong press without jamming the saw

    3. Powerful motor with strong power and stable performance.

  • gasoline powered lawn mower
    BG4390 gasoline powered lawn mower

    1. Adopting an energy storage and easy to start structure, easy to start with one pull;

    2. Multiple powerful engines for higher efficiency;

    3. Good durability, precision cast iron cylinder, not easy to pull;

    4. Easy to disassemble luxury grass deflector+anti tangle grass gearbox, higher work efficiency;

    5. Commercial grade air filter element with double layer filtration protection makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

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